Wednesday, September 3, 2014

changing direction, part one

My son got married in June, and he and his bride honeymooned up in Napa Valley. They had an enjoyable as well as educational time which seems to have started them on the path of starting a small collection.  

I saw them when they returned and they gave me three bottles purchased during their journey. I was familiar with two of the wineries but had never heard of the third one.  I thanked them for their generous gift.

Naturally I had to look up the producer of that third bottle whose label was unknown to me. I was horrified to discover this particular Cabernet Sauvignon had set them back $125.  The other two bottles were no cheapies either, showing prices of $50 and $35. 

Later, when I thanked them again, I also said they shouldn't have spent so much money. They were raving about the Cabernet, of which they had bought a bottle for themselves.  The response to me was to just accept it and enjoy it.  

That's like what my mom would always tell me - when someone gives you a gift, just take it and say thank you. I believe that's good advice. 

So I took it.  Those three bottles are resting peacefully and staying cool in one of my wine coolers. 

That got me to thinking - maybe it was time to up my wine budget a bit.  My son and daughter in law are by no means rich. They're doing okay, and while I don't think they can afford to keep buying $125 or $50 wines (how many of us can?), they figured something was good, so they went for it. 

For several years I've been buying nearly all my wines at Costco.  The selection is small but contains many nice wines, and the prices are great.  I'd been doing very well adhering to a budget with a $20 limit. 

That said, my two favorite varietals are Pinot Noir and Chardonnay.  Costco has some decent selections within my budget but those selections don't change that often and, truth to tell, it gets sort of boring. I figured what the heck, I'm not getting any younger, I can afford to raise the budget, and it's time to get some stuff I REALLY want to get. It's time to just go for it. 

Thus, a change in direction.  More on this the next time. 

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Edward said...


Be careful it's a slippery slope! But I've got to agree, you have one live, so follow your curiosity.