Sunday, July 6, 2014

Vissani Wine Cooler - Update

Yesterday's blog was about a 16 bottle wine cooler under the Wine Enthusiast brand that I recently purchased. The blog title was, "Another wine cooler."

That may have given the impression that I no longer have the Vissani unit that I wrote about a couple of years ago (click here for the review), but that's not the case. The new one is in addition to the Vissani.  By the way, my apologies for misspelling the name in the original article.  It's VIssani, not VAssani.

After two years, how is it holding up?  I am happy to report, knock on wood, that it is doing quite well.  I done the same to the glass door as I did to my new unit, which is tape aluminum foil over it to keep out the light.  My thermometer indicates that the inside temperature ranges from 53.6 to 57.6 degrees.  The control is an old-fashioned dial, not one of those digital electronic ones so you have to set the temperature by trial and error.

Is this 4-degree range bad?  I don't think so.  The cooler isn't constantly cycling on and off.  I figure the temp inside is probably 57 degrees.  The air temperature may have that 4 degree range but I think the wine in the bottle maintains a more stable or constant temperature.  I could be wrong, though.  So far all of the wines stored in it seem fine to me.  I wouldn't want to store a Richebourg in it, like Sandra Oh's character did in her wine cooler in the movie Sideways, but for less expensive stuff that doesn't need a real long storage I think the Vissani is fine.

That particular model is no longer available.  I see Home Depot recently had a successor model on sale for $198 ($49 more than I paid for mine) but this one holds only 28 bottles and has electronic/digital controls. The reviews are not very good, either.  As I recall, mine also had mixed reviews but so far it has worked fine. I suspect many "bad" reviews are from people who expect too much, don't use it properly, or didn't wait for at least 24 hours before plugging it in.

Anyway, I just wanted to post a 2-year update and say that the Vissani is still working properly.  In this crazy Southern California heat, I'm thankful for that!

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