Tuesday, July 8, 2014

really tall stemware

During a recent vacation, my wife and I stopped at a Ross Dress For Less store in Santa Barbara. I'm not big on clothes so while she perused the racks in the women's department, I did what I always do when at Ross - perused the home goods section.

Every time we go, I have hopes of finding some nice wine glasses, and every time I am disappointed because all they have are Libby-like thick-walled and rimmed glasses with short stems, small bowls and when you look through them everything is distorted.  But being the optimist I am, I still hope.

And lo and behold, this time I was rewarded, in the last chance clearance section, no less.  The box looked promising but you never know what's inside. I pried open the lid and was surprised to find some elegant-looking stemware sitting inside (note: click on the picture to see it in its entirety; afterwards click outside the picture to return here).

Excuse the poor picture.  I don't know why I chose this background; I thought it would cut back on any glare but it also cut back on showing just how attractive these glasses are (and no, that's not my sofa).

They came two in a box, $6.99 per box.  The one on the left is 12" tall and the one on the right an inch shorter. Both have 6" stems. These are the tallest wine glasses I've encountered. They're made of crystal, with thin bowls and delicate stems but they do have visible imperfections.  What do you expect for $6.99?

Unfortunately there was only one box of each, and the box with the shorter stems had one with a broken stem. The cashier took 1/2 off the box with one stem so I ended up with three nice glasses for about eleven bucks, including tax.

The manufacturer is Home Essentials and the model is Paul Revere.  I tried finding more online but it seems it is discontinued.  Small wonder, as I am guessing these were in the clearance section because there was too much breakage.

I even broke the bowl of one of the tall ones when washing it for the first time. Grrr..  that left me with one of each, and triggered visits to all the nearby Ross stores around our house when we got back.  I managed to find only one box, this of the tall stems, and sure enough, one of the two was broken.  At this particular Ross the manager would only discount the single stem to five dollars even though half the contents were busted.

But hey, I gladly paid those five bucks and would have paid a lot more. Now I have two of the tall ones and one of the shorter ones and believe me, I am going to wash them very, very carefully.

I appreciate a lovely wine glass.  It makes the wine taste better.  I just wish I had found more of these.

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