Thursday, July 17, 2014

more conscientious

As I have said before, and those of you who visit this blog regularly know, I tend to post sporadically. In bursts.
 In the beginning I was on fire, posting left and right but then I ran out of ideas and got stale. Then I slacked off and didn't post for long periods of time, even over a year.

 Just recently after another prolonged bout of apathy I started posting again and I'm gonna give it the old college try and be more regular about it going forward.

I was looking at the "wine related links" on the left side of the page just now. They've been sitting there unchanged for who knows how long, and who knows if they are all still valid? I confess that in general, I haven't been keeping up with other wine blogs and that's another thing I need to be more regular about.

One thing I do know - that sizable vertical banner featuring Budo Kun, courtesy of Domaine547, still works. I visited the site the other day and wow, has that wine shop grown since the day I put the banner on this blog. I don't know if Budo Kun is even around anymore, but Jill has got some truly great wines in stock that are well worth seeking out. I wish her all the best because she's a really nice person who has succeeded in a difficult business.

I also visited wannabee wino's site and she has truly achieved winodom! Sonadora's another super nice person who would be my model for how to faithfully keep up a wine blog.

I'm going to have to clean up the rest of the links and just leave whatever still exists. Meanwhile, y'all come back now, hear?

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