Saturday, July 19, 2014


In my last post I mentioned how some of the wine-related links on my blog were out of date. Just now I went and cleaned them up so what you saw in this blog yesterday ain't what you are seeing now.

Over half of the links were deleted. A couple of them changed URL's so I updated those. I am glad to see that El Jefe of Twisted Oak is still writing his twisted blog posts albeit at a different web address and also with less frequency before.  I hope he isn't untwisting himself.

Some of the sites still exist but haven't been updated in a long time.  I was sad to see Dr. Debs Good Wines Under $20 site hasn't been updated since 2012 (almost as sad as my not even realizing this until just now since I haven't been keeping up with reading wine blogs), since that was always good reading.

Wine marches on, though. There's a whole slew of blogs out there that are waiting to be discovered and I need to get back into things.  Every day is so busy I barely have time to write this one, though, much less visit other sites but then that's probably a sign that I need to get my priorities straight!

Quick wine review - just finished the Kirkland 2012 Chardonnay, Russian River Valley, and it's a very nice bottle especially for a very reasonable $12.99.  No point in holding it, this is ready to drink now.  I noticed that over my normal four tastings that the aromas seemed to subside a bit and the oak got a little more prominent, but overall everything remained in balance.

Aromas of ripe tropical fruit and blossoms were pleasing to me, and they carried through to the palate. The fruit, oak and zippy acidity balanced each other and it was just a nice, tasty wine to sip.

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