Tuesday, September 24, 2013

2011 Kirkland Pinot Noir, Russian River Valley

I paid $12.99 for this bottle of Kirkland Pinot Noir from the Russian River Valley, 2011 vintage. Here's my impressions:

Color-wise it was just a bit dark for the varietal.  Aroma-wise, it had a Pinot Noir character but it wasn't obvious.  That is, you wouldn't swirl and sniff and immediately know what grape was in the glass.

On the palate the wine was nicely fruity with smooth tannins and balanced acidity.  It also had a natural texture and taste to it - that is, it didn't have an overly fruity or bubble gum character that some Pinot Noirs seem to have that make them taste artificial.  The aftertaste was fairly short but pleasant.  It's an easy-drinking wine at a reasonable price.


The Vault said...

Saw that at Costco. Do you think it'll be better down the road?

MonkuWino said...

I've had the 2009 and 2010 vintages of this wine also, and as I recall both had more of a fruity character (in fact a bit candied). I've tried all three about a year after purchase. This one seems more natural and has good balance but I don't think it will get any better. It should keep for another year or so. That's just my opinion, for whatever that's worth.