Friday, August 9, 2013

Vina Eguia Tempranillo Riserva 2007

I ran across this bargain at Costco.  At $9.99 it seemed to be a great price but with a $2.00 instant rebate it was even better so I had no hesitation putting a bottle in my cart.

Overall, I've found Spanish wines to be of good value and this was no exception.  $7.99 for a six year old reserve wine? 

In the glass it was a nice deep purple color, opaque with no signs of age. Swirling the wine brought out nice aromas of red and black fruits mixed with some earth and a bit of tar. Didn't smell like a young, fruity wine but it did smell good.

First impression when sipping was that it was really silky, with no texture at all to it. In fact it seemed odd to me as I was expecting some sort of tannin or acidity. It took a few seconds in the mouth for the flavors to come out, which to me tasted like earthy black fruits.  It remained silky but some light tannins and a bit of acidity emerged to give the wine texture, balance, and complexity.  The aftertaste was pleasantly lengthy, too.

I think properly stored, this wine still has some years left. It drinks well now but has the stuffing to last a while. 

All in all I was pleased with this wine.  It's a definite thumbs up and especially so at the price. I got a couple more bottles with the rebate tacked on; as of last weekend it was still at Costco but I don't remember if the rebate was still in effect.

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