Thursday, August 1, 2013

Costco envy

My wife and I recently took a short vacation down to the San Diego area. Being a Costco fanatic, I like to visit whatever Costcos happen to be along the way whenever we go anywhere.  Each one is just a bit different in terms of what they stock, including the wine selection. 

We visited three: San Diego (Mission Valley), Vista and Carlsbad.  We also went to the Irvine location on the way down and Tustin on the way up.  

I have to say, I am jealous of the San Diego locations because they have more stuff than the ones I have been to in my area (San Gabriel Valley section of Los Angeles county).  The wine selections were very good, a lot better than what I am used to seeing.  I thought the Vista store had the most interesting ones. Mission Valley and Carlsbad had big selections but a good portion of it were the expensive offerings for those looking for labels rather than value. 

The three Costco's in San Diego also had great food selections, including sushi made on the premises by a real sushi chef. Or at least a guy who looked like he was a real sushi chef. He just stuck to making the sushi and didn't put on any Benihana-type samurai show. It looked a lot better than the prepackaged stuff I see up here. 

Irvine had a pretty good selection, too, though not as good as the San Diego area locations.

Tustin was meh.

Maybe its good that my local Costco's don't have as big a selection of wine as the ones in San Diego. There's only so much space in my wine refrigerator!  

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