Monday, August 12, 2013

2012 Navarro Vineyards Rose - Mendocino

This coral-colored wine is 92% Grenache and 8% Carignan.  It retails for $16.50 and is available only via winery direct.  I received it as part of the pre-release program to which I subscribe.  Through the program I get two shipments of six bottles of assorted wines each June and November at a nice discount off the retail price. What I like about Navarro wines are their consistent quality and reasonable prices.  I've had subscriptions to other wineries and while the wines were good, either they got to be too expensive or there were too many shipments. For me, Navarro is just right.

I found the taste to be like the aromas: mixed berry fruits, melons and some peach, with a mineral element on the palate.  It's juicy, fruity but dry, and I thought it could use just a touch more acidity.  The fruit in the aftertaste trailed off pretty quickly but the stony/mineral element lingered for a while.

It's refreshing, but don't drink this one too cold or else you won't be able to taste the range of flavors that make it more than just a fruity sipper. It's a nicely complex rose that improved with air, and tastes great now.

Here is the link to Navarro's product page if you're interested: click here.

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