Saturday, August 24, 2013

2009 Villa Antinori Toscana

I'd see this wine in the bin at Costco every week and finally I decided to put one in my cart. It was $13.99.

The Toscana was a nice dark purple color.  Aromas were initially pretty muted, of earthy berries. I took a sip and the first impression was of a rather thin wine, more earth and minerals and stingy with the fruit, with a tannic bite. I thought maybe it needs some air.

It did need some air.  After sitting there in the glass for a while, the aromas opened up quite a bit and were a lot more fruity.  On the palate it rounded out as well, cherry fruit helping to fill out the initial thin character with still a good bit of earth and tannin.

As with pretty much all the wines I taste, I filled three 187.5 ml split-size bottles for subsequent nights.  Each night my impressions were pretty much the same.  The wine needed some time in the glass to round out and for the fruit to emerge.  That fruit was mainly cherry with a tart character to it.  To me it never really got past the earthy and tart character and along with the tannins left a bitter taste in my mouth.   Does it need more age? I'm not sure. It seems like there is still enough fruit underneath to age for a while, but me, I wouldn't buy it again.

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