Monday, July 29, 2013

Couldn't wait a year... I'm back!

My previous post was nearly a year ago - July 31, 2012. That was spent giving you all an update on my Vassani wine cooler, which at that time I had used for about a month or so. 

After another year, or nearly so, how has it held up? 

Very nicely, I would say. Knock on wood, I'm pleased with it. 

In my opinion, a condenser-driven unit is better than one of those thermoelectric deals.  Yes it is a lot noisier but if it is not in a room in which you require a quiet environment, then what difference does it make?

According to the indoor/outdoor thermometer whose outdoor probe I keep in the middle rack of the unit, it ranges from 57.6 to 47.8 degrees. Now you might think a 10 degree variation is too much for storing wine, and you'd be right except most of the time, except for when the condenser turns on, the temperature hovers around 56-57 degrees (54-55 in the winter). 

I figure even though the temp goes down to 47 degrees, it doesn't stay that low for very long. Right away it starts rising up, but when it hits the mid 50's it seems to rise a lot slower so the unit is not constantly cycling on and off.  

The proof is in the wine, I suppose, and so far I haven't encountered a bad bottle.  It's not for real long term storage anyway; the oldest bottles are vintage 2005: Tablas Creek Panoplie and Esprit de Beaucastel, and Chateau Caronne Ste. Gemme.  There's also a 2007 Stony Hill Chardonnay, but everything else is a lot more recent. 

For $149, I sure can't complain. It's been great so far. 

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