Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Vissani Wine Cooler - Update

Wow, is August here already??? It's summertime and the living is too hot here in Southern California, particularly the San Gabriel Valley. That makes me glad I bought the Vassani wine cooler that I reviewed in my last post, over a month ago. 

Now that it's been over a month, how is the box holding up?  I'm happy to report that it is doing fine, pretty much how I described it the last time. So far, so good - well worth the modest investment.

The good part: It holds temperature pretty constant.  I have thermometers monitoring the middle and the bottom of the unit. The middle shows a range of 57.6 degrees maximum and 56.3 degrees minimum. The bottom is more variable, 55.4 degrees max and 47.5 minimum but then that's sort of what I would expect since the cold air sinks to the bottom.  The maximum room temperature has been 82 or 83 degrees. 

The not as good part: I am not bothered by this but some people might be - the condenser tends to be a bit noisy. It doesn't run that often but it is noticeable when it is on. I have my unit in a spare bedroom and I can hear it switch on when I am in the adjoining room. No big deal. I suppose if it was in the same room where you wanted it to be very quiet, then it could be a bigger deal but that's your problem for putting it there

Unlike what others noted in some of the reviews on Home Depot's web site, there is no loud pop or other frightening noise emanating from the cooler when the condenser shuts off, or at any other time. 

I'm very happy with it. The reviews I read were variable but I suspect that many of those who were not happy with their units were either expecting it to do something it isn't made to do, or they don't follow the simple instruction manual. Could be that they open and close the door too frequently, too. Whatever.. at least mine is working well so far.  I wouldn't hesitate to buy another one if need be.


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