Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Living Off My Rep'

As is obvious from a quick scan of my site, I hardly do any sort of updating here. I still have a glass of wine per night (which equates to 7/4 wine per week since each glass is 1/4 of a bottle) but I haven't felt particularly motivated to do any wine-related writing. In fact I have not felt motivated whatsoever to write about things wine-ish.

I haven't gone surfing around wine-related sites either. I don't even know if Gary V still looks the same or if he has branched out into reviewing books or whatever. But today I happened to glance at the Alltop page for wine reviews and noticed that I am still on their list of sites. Not only that, but I am sitting in a respectable 24th position!

I have no idea how they rank their sites but I do know there are plenty mo' better ones than mine that are down below yet there I am, in the top 25. I guess it must be due to my legendary reputation among the wine blog world. Who can forget such memorable posts as the ones I did before I flaked onto other things, such as.. well, I don't remember right now but they were pretty clever back in their day.

Seeing that Alltop page gave me a chuckle and inspired me to write a post for today. And also inspired me to post the YouTube below (I know it's a repeat but what the heck.. it suits the mood).

Those very few of you who subscribe to this blog - getting a notification of a new post from me must have been like a flickering signal from a ham radio.. could it be? Is it a real post or just interference caused by weather balloons? Zut alors! See you in another lengthy length of time!

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wine direct said...

I think it's important only to post when you feel passionate about it - otherwise it will likely be obvious to your readers that you are forcing it. Hope you come across a few wines you can't help but write about!