Tuesday, May 19, 2009

Living Off My Rep'

As is obvious from a quick scan of my site, I hardly do any sort of updating here. I still have a glass of wine per night (which equates to 7/4 wine per week since each glass is 1/4 of a bottle) but I haven't felt particularly motivated to do any wine-related writing. In fact I have not felt motivated whatsoever to write about things wine-ish.

I haven't gone surfing around wine-related sites either. I don't even know if Gary V still looks the same or if he has branched out into reviewing books or whatever. But today I happened to glance at the Alltop page for wine reviews and noticed that I am still on their list of sites. Not only that, but I am sitting in a respectable 24th position!

I have no idea how they rank their sites but I do know there are plenty mo' better ones than mine that are down below yet there I am, in the top 25. I guess it must be due to my legendary reputation among the wine blog world. Who can forget such memorable posts as the ones I did before I flaked onto other things, such as.. well, I don't remember right now but they were pretty clever back in their day.

Seeing that Alltop page gave me a chuckle and inspired me to write a post for today. And also inspired me to post the YouTube below (I know it's a repeat but what the heck.. it suits the mood).

Those very few of you who subscribe to this blog - getting a notification of a new post from me must have been like a flickering signal from a ham radio.. could it be? Is it a real post or just interference caused by weather balloons? Zut alors! See you in another lengthy length of time!

Saturday, May 2, 2009


Sorry that I haven't posted in a while, but I came down with a case of the Wine Flu.

Joe Biden didn't make things any better, flapping his jaws on national television telling everyone not to drink wine in any enclosed area, and that people shouldn't even take wine to school with them. Obama and his cohorts had to move quickly to do their damage control on him before the angry winemaker's lobby started blasting back at our gregarious number two man.

Now the expression on some of your faces indicates confusion. Monkuwino, you're talking about Wine Flu??? That's the first I've heard of that. I thought it was Swine Flu, not Wine Flu.

That's understandable but the confusion really comes from the White House, once again. The official announcement of this pandepidemicamonium came from an aide who had been listening to George Gershwin tunes on his Ipod right before he spoke to the public. So caught up in one of Gershwin's more popular recordings, "S'Wonderful," he started adding an "S" in front of other words and as you can now see, "Wine Flu" came out of his mouth as "S'Wine Flu."

Too embarrassed to admit his mistake, the aide just left it alone and let the press run with it.

Public service announcement: to protect yourself from this disease, just wear a gauze mask over your nose and mouth when you drink any wine until you get a signal from the government that the coast is clear. This also has the added benefit that you will not need to decant your wine beforehand.