Saturday, April 4, 2009

Special Edition

Folks, today's post has nothing to do with wine, but it is something that makes me so very angry (and while I know this blog has a lot of leg-pulling, this time I am serious) that I had to write about it.

Are you familiar with Monster brand cables? They are those overpriced ripoff cables sold by overpriced ripoff places like Best Buy, cables that perform no better than ones that cost 1/10 or even less of the price.

Today's Wall Street Journal featured an article on the front page about how Monster likes to sue other businesses that have the word "Monster" in their name. The example they used was of a couple who created a company called "Monster Mini-Golf." The evil, bullying Monster Cable company sued them in court demanding they surrender their name and pay Monster Cable $80,000 for the right to use it. To read the article, click here.

Then the article goes on to list other examples, such as their suit against Disney for using the title "Monsters, Inc." for one of their movies, as well as other ridiculous examples.

I am totally disgusted. To me, the other companies should be suing Monster Cable for degrading the word and giving it a negative connotation as something that lacks value, and is snake oil. Soon they will find that Monster will take on a generic meaning, as have Kleenex and Xerox; Monster will be a generic term for "overpriced ripoff garbage."

Like I said, I know this blog is supposed to be about wine but I got so incensed reading this article that for the few readers I have, I wanted to encourage all of you to please, please never buy a shoddy, snake oil ripoff Monster Cable product again, and please urge your friends to do the same.

There is no room for unethical bullies like that in our world.


Linderelli said...

My boyfriend is getting his MBA at the University of Washington currently and they had a discussion about this VERY article (in his ethics class maybe?). I am with you - I don't think Monster has a "famous mark" and should THEREFORE drop the ridiculous lawsuits. The thought of them suing Disney! and Boston Red Sox for use of "Green Monster Hotdogs" is inane. Someone should boot them off their high horse.

MonkuWino said...

Thank you for your comment! I would like nothing better than for the evil Monster Cable company to go down in flames. Their companion in the wine world would be Gallo, who also likes to be sue-happy, going after anyone using their name even if the people using it are named Gallo. I mean, why would anyone want to try and capitalize on a the name of a mediocre winery that puts out mediocre wines?

Anonymous said...

Hey, lay off Best Buy, I work there. We make alot of money off those cables, it's how we keep the lights on so folks can shop there. Think of it as a public service.