Sunday, March 15, 2009

Twitter Quotient

Yesterday I announced my comeback after being rescued with a small allocation of Economic Stimulus money from the Obama administration and let me tell you, I am hard at work to bring back One Wine Per Week to the same status it was before I went broke. Uh, that is, I guess I am actually closer to that status than I thought because $800,000 seems to disappear pretty quickly. I guess I had better start tasting some wine before I have to ask for another bailout.

Anyway, during my time of dormancy I kept getting notices from Twitter that one then another Twitterer was following me. This despite my not having posted any Twits since June 24, 2008. As of this writing I am following 68 people (at least I think they are all people.. oh wait, there are 67 people and 1 Budo Kun) and have 158 following me.

That means my TQ (Twitter Quotient) is .43. In case you don't know how I computed this, it is simply the number of people and Budo Kuns I am following, divided by the number following me. I would say that you should strive to have a TQ no higher than 1. I suspect there are a few Twits who have astronomically high TQ's though, in the range of 1,000 or more. For those of you who do have such high TQ's, what is wrong with you?? Get a life!! How can you possibly keep up with that many things all day??

Why would all these people add me to their list to follow when I haven't made a peep since June? Is it like expecting Elvis to come back?

Anyway, serious time here: for real - I just had a bottle of 2007 Chateau Margui Blanc and it was really really good. Clean, crisp, vanilla, apple and citrus with a Burgundian nutty character as well. Good acidity, nice weight and a long finish. This was a blend of Vermentino and Ugni Blanc. Sure did taste good!

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