Friday, March 20, 2009

Pink Friday is Today

So today is Pink Friday - the day everyone is supposed to pop that cork on a bottle of White Zinfandel (should the "W" in White be capitalized? Should there be no caps as an indication that white zin gets and deserves no respect?) as a show of solidarity that even in such turbulent times of our economy, we can still uncork our wine and drink it, too.

Did you pop that cork or are you going to pop that cork?

Moving on to other things - please take the poll on the right --oops, now it is LEFT-- side of this page.

Finally, I notice that after my long absence from posting, my site traffic appears to have gone down after my return this week. I think that's a sign..

Monday, March 16, 2009

Pink Frday

You may have read about it or even seen it on the news - March 13, 2009, aka "Pink Friday," the day teachers gathered to protest the pink slips many are receiving because of layoffs brought about by the faltering economy.

It is indeed unfortunate that many have to lose their jobs like that - good teachers are hard to find. Of course if any bad teachers got the ax, then fine. Their union makes no distinction between the two so I imagine it was a roll of the dice as to whether it was a good one or bad one that got let go.

Anyway, the wine industry is having its own Pink Friday this coming March 20, 2009. It is a day to pop open a bottle of white zinfandel because that's pretty much all we can afford these days until the economy improves.

So remember: this Friday March 20 is Pink Friday for the wine folks.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Twitter Quotient

Yesterday I announced my comeback after being rescued with a small allocation of Economic Stimulus money from the Obama administration and let me tell you, I am hard at work to bring back One Wine Per Week to the same status it was before I went broke. Uh, that is, I guess I am actually closer to that status than I thought because $800,000 seems to disappear pretty quickly. I guess I had better start tasting some wine before I have to ask for another bailout.

Anyway, during my time of dormancy I kept getting notices from Twitter that one then another Twitterer was following me. This despite my not having posted any Twits since June 24, 2008. As of this writing I am following 68 people (at least I think they are all people.. oh wait, there are 67 people and 1 Budo Kun) and have 158 following me.

That means my TQ (Twitter Quotient) is .43. In case you don't know how I computed this, it is simply the number of people and Budo Kuns I am following, divided by the number following me. I would say that you should strive to have a TQ no higher than 1. I suspect there are a few Twits who have astronomically high TQ's though, in the range of 1,000 or more. For those of you who do have such high TQ's, what is wrong with you?? Get a life!! How can you possibly keep up with that many things all day??

Why would all these people add me to their list to follow when I haven't made a peep since June? Is it like expecting Elvis to come back?

Anyway, serious time here: for real - I just had a bottle of 2007 Chateau Margui Blanc and it was really really good. Clean, crisp, vanilla, apple and citrus with a Burgundian nutty character as well. Good acidity, nice weight and a long finish. This was a blend of Vermentino and Ugni Blanc. Sure did taste good!

Saturday, March 14, 2009


Wow, was the last time I posted anything way back on December 23??? Well hello again!

I am sorry, I must profusely apologize for my long absence. The truth, I am embarrassed to say, is that I uh, went broke. I showed up to the 2005 Bordeaux and Burgundy party too late and was unable to purchase any futures in this great vintage. I hate getting left out, though, so I came roaring back by buying futures in the 2006 and 2007 vintages, full speed ahead without regard to the cost.

Then the bottom fell out of our economy.

I was left with a bunch of worthless futures. And bills to pay and commitments to keep and, well, like I said I went broke.

With much chagrin I went hat-in-hand to the Obama administration and requested my fair share of bailout/stimulus money to get back on my feet again. I said I was sorry and I won't do it again. I will be good this time.

Lo and behold, a few days ago a check for $800,000 appeared in the mail! (You would think that they would send it certified or express mail, but oh, well) Since it was drawn on Citibank I rushed to cash it and now ol' Monkuwino is back in action! Thank you Washington!!!

So where, you may ask, are the wine reviews?

Be patient, my friends. First I have to get in the proper mood to begin writing again. That means assembling the proper tasting environment this time - not just sitting at my desk slurping down wine from paper cups like I used to do while I typed a bunch of nonsense on my keyboard; rather, I have ordered some classy digs in which to properly taste the fine wine I plan to tell you about in the near future. Glassware, furniture, wine cellars, preservation systems, cars in which to go to the store to buy these things - all of this is necessary in order for me to not have to go crawling back to ask for more money (although I am not leaving out that possibility).

Give me a few days and One Wine Per Week will be up and running again!