Thursday, December 11, 2008

2006 Saisons des Vins (Copain) Pinot Noir l'Automne

Another quick note here.. I purchased this from Jill at Domaine547 and, like the other wines that have come from her, it was a good one.

It looked like a Pinot Noir - that is, it wasn't some deep, dense-looking thing but it had an attractive color. It also smelled and tasted like a Pinot Noir. My initial impressions were strawberries with a creme soda aspect. Along with it were flavors of spice, cherries, and a bit of earthiness.

The fruit balanced nicely with the tannins and acidity after getting some air. At first it was on the rough side. After about 1/2 an hour in the glass a nice, medium-weight silky smooth texture emerged. Contrasted with the Cameron Hughes Aussie Shiraz I had a little while back, there was such a difference in the weight and textures. The latter had a more velvety, textured palate feel and was a lot heavier but both had their merits.

I'd say the wine is drinking nicely right now if you let it breathe for a while, but there's no rush to drink it up.

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