Tuesday, November 25, 2008

Emerson Wine Cooler Update

My posts have become much less frequent, although I did act like the Eagles or Sean Connery and learned never to say "never again," having returned to posting after bidding adieu.

Since cutting way back on my activity, I've noticed that the number of page hits has escalated greatly. Hmm.. is that like those artists and writers who can't seem to sell a painting or a book until they drop dead? Haha.. turning this into an abandoned blog seems to have generated a lot of traffic. Maybe they want to verify I quit.

Well I still have for the most part but I thought I would update you about how those two Emerson wine coolers are doing, the ones I bought back in the summer of 2007 and referred to as my "Emerson Suites" for my wine bottles - 8 per cooler.

Knock on wood, they are still working fine! The indoor/outdoor thermometer I use to monitor the temps inside shows that one averages 55-56 degrees and the other 57-58 degrees. Even during our protracted, ridiculously hot summer the temps averaged only a degree or so higher. Again, knock on wood.. I hope I didn't jinx them by writing this, or that they will get the idea they can relax and slack off after getting kudos from me.

Meanwhile, until next time.. (ooh, I hope I didn't jinx the Emerson Suites as well as the page views for this blog! I promise I will stay away from here more often)

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