Thursday, October 16, 2008

One Wine Per Week Bids Adieu

Well just like the economy, it looks like the idea bottle has run dry for One Wine Per Week. The site's proprietor, MonkuWino, made the decision yesterday to stop posting new entries and instead allow the site to become a wasteland on the web.

"Posting reviews of wine got to be boring," said MonkuWino to reporters gathered at the press conference. "The real purpose of this site was to have some fun by writing flippant entries, like harassing Domaine547's poor Budo Kun, but the idea well ran dry a long time ago. I just don't have enough time to think of anything fresh."

Why not just continue to post wine reviews?

"I'm still drinking the wine and enjoying pretty much everything I've purchased so far," added Monkuwino. "In that respect I've been fortunate. But like I said, just posting up wine reviews and having to take pictures of the bottles and find a good YouTube video to complement the wine - well, that just takes too much time for a lazy fool like me."

When asked if he would reconsider if the government made an equity investment in his web site, or threw part of the $700 billion bailout money away by using it for him instead of wasting it on banks and other financial disasters, Monkuwino said that still would make no difference.

"It's like in the movie Forrest Gump, when he decides to go running and he runs from one end of America to the other and points inbetween, and one day stops right in the middle of the highway because he doesn't feel like running anymore. That's me. And that's all I've got to say about that. I wanted to blog to be like a box of chocolates but it got to be too predictable."

But here's two last comments about recent wines before hitting the road:

2005 Jean-Louis Tribouley Vin de Pays des Côtes Catalanes Orchis: Very, very good bottle of wine. First impression was of tons of earth and minerals, with concentrated fruit underneath. It had a smoky, cedar and soy character as well. Complex, lots of flavor and a really long aftertaste of smoky fruit. For $16.99 from Garagiste, this is an extremely good value.

2006 Eric Kent Wine Cellars Chardonnay Russian River Valley: Based on the Cellar Tracker reviews I read, I was expecting some overblown oaky monster of a wine. I have had only the first 1/4 of the bottle but so far this is a very good wine. It's got buttery oak but that is well integrated with the complex fruit flavors. By complex I mean there was a melange of different fruits on the palate, like pear, peach, apple and citrus, which along with the buttery character and good acidity made for a great glass of wine. It's kind of pricey at $29.75 per bottle from the winery, but you could do much, much worse at that price. At least this one makes you feel like you got your money's worth. I'm looking forward to the other three glasses to confirm those first impressions.

(Seriously, folks, I've reached a season where I don't feel motivated to do this anymore so I'm taking a long, maybe permanent leave of absence from posting to this site. This is post #292 and I think the earlier ones were a lot more interesting than the later ones - thanks for stopping by to read it, though!)


Joe Roberts said...


But you gotta stay true to you, and I can respect that.

Edward said...


Thank you! I'll certainly miss the quirky and cheeky posts. Best of luck. Ed.