Monday, October 6, 2008

A New Rating Scale

Actually I'm just trying to post an entry so as to not get knocked further down in the search engines or lose my already sinking place on the highly subjective Alltop wine page.

The wines I drink at home are consumed over the course of four evenings. I open the bottle, fill up three 187.5 ml bottles for subsequent nights, and then pour the remainder into a wine glass to enjoy that same night.

As you might guess, some wines are better than others and depending on the wine, I have varying degrees of anticipation with respect to finishing off the remaining three 187.5 ml bottles. Some I am not that crazy about, and some I really look forward to trying again. Some I am happy or relieved after that fourth bottle is gone, and some I wish I was back on the first bottle instead of the last.

My new rating system is going to be based on five bottles. Simply put, the bottle rating will tell you how many 187.5 ml bottles I consumed of the wine before I got tired of it or lost interest or really didn't feel like drinking it again the next night.

A one-bottle rating will indicate I was ready to pop the cork on something else after trying the first quarter of a 750 ml bottle. But unless the wine is flawed in some way or is really horrible, I will still be diligent and drink the remaining three portions over the subsequent nights. Sort of like Three Dog Nights...

A four-bottle rating means I enjoyed the wine enough to drink it all four nights but after that fourth night, it is time to move onto something else. That's pretty good, in my book.

And a five-bottle rating means I regret not having more of the wine to drink. In my book that would be a darn good wine.

That's the new rating system.

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