Friday, October 10, 2008

2006 Tablas Creek Roussanne Bergeron

Tablas Creek turns out some very fine wines, and here's another one. This one was $21.60, straight from the winery.

Light yellow gold in color, the aromas were subdued. There was a bit of flowers and some spice but they were muted.

The wine was subtle on the palate, as well. Apple peel, a taste reminiscent of those hard candy lemon balls dusted with powder (do you know what I'm talking about?), minerals and ginger were the flavors I detected. It's a reflective, nicely balanced wine that would do well with food; one to roll around in your mouth and focus on savoring the various flavors as they emerge, rather than them jumping out and punching you. I liked it over all four nights so it gets a four-bottle rating.

Here's the matching YouTube video (click here if you don't see it below):

The link to the CD at Harbor Lights

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