Wednesday, October 8, 2008

2005 Twisted Oak *%#&@!

The inaugural wine under my new rating system is a good one - the 2005 vintage of the unpronounceable red blend from Twisted Oak.

This one I purchased from WineQ last year and it set me back $27.99.

There was a lot going on in the aromas and flavors - cedar, smoke, soy spice, pepper and abundant berries all wrapped together and getting along with each other, no less. It had a very long smoky berry aftertaste.

I thought this wine had excellent balance, plenty of complex character, and it was a joy to drink. I enjoyed it immensely over all four nights that I tried it and it gets a four-bottle rating from me (meaning that it got through all four nights, my normal time span for drinking a bottle of wine, without my tiring of it). This was a good one!

Here's the matching YouTube video (click here if you can't see if below):

Here's the link to the CD product page at Chicago Transit Authority


Marshall Æon (Enneagram) said...

Hey monku! Nice review. Love the video, as usual. :)

Anonymous said...

I really digg your site, I like the video combo with reviews. I look forward to reading more.

MonkuWino said...

Hi Marshall and Rob, thanks for the kind comments! As you can probably tell, I am mired in 70's music but that's what I know best. I think "Introduction" is one of the best numbers from Chicago so I wanted to match it with something equally as good from Twisted Oak!