Thursday, October 2, 2008

2005 Château Bellevue La Forêt Fronton Ce Vin

Today's review is of an unusual wine, one that is 100% from the Negrette grape. I'd never heard of it until I received an offer for the wine from Garagiste. I forked over $11.84 to give it a try based on the prose in the e-mail.

This is what Cellar Tracker has to say about the Negrette variety:

Negrette is a varietal originally planted just to the side of Toulouse by settlers from Cyprus during the Crusades. It is one of the oldest varietals in the world and it has light to medium bodied style and soaring perfume of spice and violets.

I didn't think the aromas were "soaring" but I did detect some violet. What was more prevalent than that were aromas of menthol, earth, and what to me seemed like a mix of spearmint chewing gum and raspberry. A medicinal aspect was also present.

On the palate the wine was even more unusual. Lots of earth, and what I can only describe as very dry raspberry fruit buried under a layer of sand and gravel. It was like the fruit had no fruitiness or sweetness to it, just the bare fruit. Odd. I let the wine sit in the glass a long time after which more fruit emerged but it never did get past that really dry stage.

It was worth trying once just because it was so different, but once was enough for me. The wine was not flawed and perhaps it needs more time because it did improve with air, but I just didn't care for that style. The part of my tongue that senses sweetness didn't detect anything but a plastic-like feel. I kept trying to taste more than what was there.

Here's the YouTube video I chose for the wine (click here if you can't see it below):

Here's the link to the Amazon page for the CD: Police

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