Friday, September 12, 2008

2006 Tablas Creek Chardonnay Antithesis

This one came winery-direct from Tablas Creek with a $21.60 tariff.

The wine was a clear light gold color. Aromas were on the reticent side. It had a creamy mouth feel, with flavors of pear, roasted nuts, spiced lemon and some anise; it had chardonnay character but was not the fruit-forward type. This one leans to the subtle side.

This would do very well with fish or chicken in a mild cream sauce, I'd say, and is better as a food wine rather than one to drink on its own.

I liked the wine but at $21.60 I think it is on the expensive side. I give it sideways thumbs.

Here's the matching YouTube video. Click here if you don't see it below. page for the CD: Stevie Wonder - Innervisions

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