Monday, September 1, 2008

2005 Cameron Hughes Lot 34 Cabernet Sauvignon

This particular Lot from the popular line of Cameron Hughes wines comes from the Rutherford district of Napa. I purchased this one direct from Cameron Hughes for $14.00, although I saw it at several local Costco locations for $11.00.

On the first night, I sensed aromas of sauteed bell pepper and onions, mixed with some smoke and ground beef - a casserole in a glass! Tastewise I got graphite and dirt at the beginning, along with a meaty character so there was a rather odd combination of aromas and tastes. It took some air, but then cassis flavors emerged to balance things out.

On subsequent nights (from 187.5 ml bottles that I had poured from the main bottle), the character of the wine became more fruity but the bell pepper remained. It also got smoother and silkier. The tannins seem fairly well integrated and are not harsh at all.

The wine did evolve with air, mainly in that the fruit component emerged and became more prominent although I wouldn't call this a fruity wine. It is more restrained. I never sensed any of that "Rutherford dust" character, either.

Overall I'd have to give this wine sideways thumbs. For the price it isn't bad, but I didn't feel it was anything special, either. Considering what most Rutherford cabs go for these days, this is on the low end of the price scale but like I said, there's nothing special about the wine inside the bottle.

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