Monday, August 25, 2008

MonkuWino / One Wine Per Week Being Sued!

Breaking news: MonkuWino and his One Wine Per Week empire were notified yesterday that they have been named joint co-defendants in a suit brought by Consumers For Honesty Is The Best Policy (aka "CHIP") who claim the title of the blog is fraudulent and misleading.

Richard Owens, attorney for the plaintiff CHIP had this to say: "Look at the title of MonkuWino's blog. It clearly says "One Wine Per Week" yet, we have been tracking it for some time now and have noticed that he has been writing about more than one wine during any given seven day period. To call a blog 'One Wine Per Week' when actually writing about two, three or more is clearly misrepresentation and we want it stopped."

Along with CHIP, this reporter has learned that bandwagon similar suits have been filed by PETA and Ralph Nadar.

When pressed for comment, MonkuWino responded: "This is an egregious act of overkill on the part of some overzealous people who have nothing better to do. Look at their own name: how can Consumers For Honesty Is The Best Policy" be shortened to an acronym like 'CHIP' when they leave out letters? Sounds pretty dishonest to me."

Mr. Owens stated that CHIP will be satisfied if MonkuWino agrees to change the name of the blog to 'Some Wine(s) Per Week' or, 'One Wine Per Time Period.' "That would be entirely accurate," said Owens, "rather than this terrible way of misleading the public."

MonkuWino replied that the first amendment guarantees his right to lie and cited the entire population of politicians and attorneys, and said he intends to have the ACLU represent him in this matter. "At least the ACLU has an accurate acronym," said MonkuWino, LOL.

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