Friday, August 29, 2008

2003 Arger-Martucci Pinot Noir

I was surprised to see a Pinot Noir offered for $18.99, especially one from the Carneros region of the Napa Valley so I snapped this one up from Garagiste.

This one had nice, easily identifiable aromas of a Pinot Noir (easy for me to say since I knew what it was): cherry, strawberry, rose petals and spice. It was spicy on the palate with loads of smooth, viscous, ripe mouth-filling fruit and a bit of alcoholic heat. The aftertaste was lengthly.

This one in fact seemed a bit too viscous and full-bodied. It was tasty but lacked the silky finesse of a really good pinot noir and instead seemed on the weighty side. It tasted darker than the lightish color would suggest.

Was this just a ripe year? If so, the wine certainly reflected that. Ripe but still clean and not overripe. I liked it and am giving it two thumbs up especially for the price. It has the concentration and essence of pure fruit of a Burgundy from a good vintage, but can't match that silky, seemingly contradictory weightless texture and finesse that makes Burgundies so wonderful. However, we're talking $18.99 instead of $189.99 so I would say this wine delivers great QPR.

Here's the matching YouTube video. Click here if you don't see it below.

And the link to the Amazon CD product page: Spill the Wine