Monday, July 7, 2008

2006 Oreana Project Happiness Chardonnay

Yesterday we had a lunch gathering at my sister's place, and one of her friends brought this wine.

It certainly has a distinctive label! Since it is easily peeled off, it can be put to other uses, as well.

I didn't know from where it was purchased or for how much, and given the label, I didn't expect that it was very expensive.

The wine didn't have much in the way of aromas, and it had a lemony-pear taste that seemed noticeably sugary. The acidity was good and it was no oak monster so those were the plusses.

Overall, it was an easy-drinking, simple wine but had an artificial sweet character to it, sugary as opposed to fruity.

There's one review for this wine on Cellar Tracker, from which I was able to gather that Trader Joe's sells it for $5.99. I also noted that the Oreana web site doesn't mention this wine at all (at least from what I can gather), and most of their other offerings are a lot more expensive than this one.

Here's my matching YouTube video (click here if you don't see it below):

Here's a link to the Amazon product page for the CD: Yellow Balloon

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Vicki said...

Guess my taste buds aren't as refined as some people's. For an inexpensive Chardonnay, I thought the "Smiley Face" wine was more than adequate, and I couldn't differentiate between "sugary" and "fruity." All I know is that I enjoyed it, and it was distinctively more pleasing than other chardonnays of similar price.