Wednesday, July 2, 2008

2006 Laboure-Roi Macon Villages, St. Armand

I had this wine during our Ensenada cruise last weekend. The waiter was nice enough to save the remainder each night, so this was consumed over the course of three evenings, Friday through Sunday.

It was $26 from the wine list (plus 15% automatic gratuity plus tax). Retail price? I did some searching on the internet and came up with a range of $10-$12.

On to the wine: initially it was pretty tight, with a lemon and herb/spice aroma and flavor. Flavors were simple and straightforward.

The waiter corked it back up and stored it in the refrigerator each night. On the 2nd evening, the wine was the same as the 1st, so being exposed to air didn't seem to have an effect.

On the third night, the wine had opened up. Fuller aromas, and a fruitier, rounder character on the palate made for a nice improvement over the first two nights. There was no oak to intrude on anything, and the acidity was nicely balanced. It was a good food wine and at a retail price of $10 to $12, worth drinking because of how it developed over the course of three evenings. Two thumbs up!

And here's the accompanying YouTube music video (click here if you don't see it below):

The product page for the CD: A Hard Day's Night soundtrack

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