Tuesday, July 15, 2008

2006 Domaine E.C. (Emile Cheysson) Chiroubles Medaille d'Or

This wine came from Garagiste and set me back $16.84.

The aromas were really nice, mainly of flowers, plus raspberry and strawberry fruit. That continued on the palate, along with a smoky, minerally aspect that I really enjoyed. There was a long, lingering fruit and mineral aftertaste.

No need to wait on this one, it's drinking very well right now. The wine had an excellent balance of fruit and minerals, nicely offset by good acidity.

I drank this one slightly chilled and it provided a great offset to the annoyingly hot weather we've been inundated with here in Southern California.

Two thumbs way up on this one - it's a gorgeous example of a Beaujolais with loads of character at a decent price.

Here is the matching YouTube video featuring someone else with loads of character. Click here if you can't see it below.

Here's a link to the concert DVD at Amazon.com: Carole King in Concert

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kmiyake said...

i was really hungry at emily's wedding shower and when the pretentious waiter came by i thought he said would anyone like an omelette ___ with berries? so i said yes i would, and mom said, why did you order that? then later i found out he said almond mimosa with berries... not omelette