Wednesday, July 9, 2008

2005 Niño Jesús Calatayud Estecillo Tinto

[Note: Aiyah, I completely forgot that this is another WBW - Wine Blogging Wednesday!!! Oh, well.. this month's theme is the letter "S" so thankfully that is broad enough to encompass the wine being reviewed today. "S"-wise, today's wine comes from Spain, and it had a certain unusual taste that you will see in the below description that starts with an "S" as well. So thank goodness for loose parameters for this WBW!]

This was a rather unusual wine.

It started out with immediate aromas that were exactly like a raspberry jelly roll - the mixture of the fruit and the cake. From there, a smoked meat aroma wafted in and took over.

Lots of raspberry and strawberry fruit on the entry, that gave way to leather and soy flavors and a minerally, gravelly aftertaste. Initially the texture was a bit rough, with biting tannins.

There was an uncommon flavor that I just couldn't put my finger on, though, and it came out only when chewing the wine for an extended time. At first I thought it was like very, very deep fruit but finally I recognized what it was: salmon skin and the dark part of a salmon that's between the orange meat and the skin. Weird, huh? I kept tasting it and the tasting kept confirming that impression. It may sound unpleasant, but it really wasn't. That's something I never tasted in a wine before!

I started out with the wine a bit on the chilled side and that's when the salmon skin flavor was most prominent. As the wine warmed up, it dissapated. Don't let that characteristic scare you away, though!

For $7.99 from Garagiste, I give this two thumbs up. It had lots of concentrated flavor and was quite complex, especially given the price. The Garagiste offering description says it was made from 30-50 year old Garnacha grapes.

And as usual, here is the matching YouTube video (note: I matched the song to the wine based on the music, not on the title so no need to psychoanalyze anything, lol..). Click here if you don't see the video below.

Link to the CD page at Three Dog Night

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