Monday, July 28, 2008

2004 Contratto Panta Rei Barbera d'Asti

I'm still on summer vacation, just doing wine reviews until the inspiration hits me to do more of the silly-type posts I was doing before.

Meanwhile, at least there have been some worthwhile wines to write about! This one is no exception.

Lovely dark color, it had pleasing aromas of white chocolate, smoke, plum and stone fruits balanced out by oak. On the palate add graphite and juicy lemony acidity that literally made my mouth water.
The wine had a silky texture, integrated tannins and excellent balance. I liked it because of the clean expression of fruit and that squirt of acidity that made it never tiring to drink.

The only negative was a fairly short aftertaste but the plusses far outweighed the minuses. For $16.99 from Garagiste, this was a very well-made wine that was worth the cost. Two thumbs up!

And now here is the matching YouTube music video (and as always, click here if you don't see it below).

Link to the CD product page: Keiko Matsui (esta muy caros!)

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