Wednesday, June 18, 2008

We Interrupt This Program..

I had already scheduled a blog post for today, but after reading this article in the L.A. Times, as well as a few comments from wine bloggers (comment a, comment b, comment c), I thought I would throw in my two cents, aka comment d. I'm not gonna summarize the article; please read it then mosey on back here.

Comment a and comment b both took umbrage at Joel Stein's article; comment c was more favorable. Me? I actually agree with the guy. I don't find anything offensive about the article at all.

In fact, I had previously scheduled another wine review/tasting post that I bumped to tomorrow in order to talk about Mr. Stein's article, "The Language of Wine Snobbery." I must admit, I find my own wine reviews to be as boring as the article says about most reviews, and I would even admit that sometimes his phrase, "a whole lot of jackass" would be appropriate for my own lame reviews.

I mean, at times I sit there trying to describe a wine by what it smells and tastes like and think, this is really boring. And this could describe plenty of other wines, yet those other wines do not taste like this one but here I am using the same descriptions. Like Mr. Stein, I, too have not a very good sense of smell so it makes it even harder.

When I write something besides a review I think it is generally ok, but when I write a review it turns stiff as a board. Sort of like freezing up when talking to that cute new girl in the class!

That's why I started posting YouTube videos in my wine reviews because I wanted to post music that I felt matched the wine and would be appropriate to listen to while sipping that wine.

Basically, I wanted to say that for the most part I agree with Joel Stein's article. In the future I think I should try to be more creative with my reviews because they do get pretty tiresome - if they get that way for me, they must get that way for you, too!

But I'm not going to change the ones I already pre-posted. I'm too lazy.

Now, some of you may ask why Ren and Stimpy appear at the top of this blog post. Well, I tried to think of some outrageous way to do a wine review, and the idea of those two doing the "Happy Happy Joy Joy" dance came flashing in my mind. If you really like a wine, that's what you should do, too!

They could also do duo reviews - one likes it, the other doesn't. Then one can say to the other, "You stupid eeediot!! You like that pile of garbage???" "Well, uh, I changed my mind. I hate it."

Seriously, I do agree with Stein's article. But heck, why should we take ourselves so seriously? We should write a review as we see fit.

Here's what you do when you run across that next great bottle (click here if you don't see da video below).

Ok, we now return you to our regularly scheduled program. Just like Jeopardy getting pushed back because of the NBA finals, OneWinePerWeek pushes each episode back a day.

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