Thursday, June 26, 2008

I Told You So!

As I had warned people in my Monday post, Twitter is going to have to make some changes if it is going to handle the huge traffic that flows through its servers. Above is a screen print taken around 7:00 in the morning, a time when people should either be sleeping (lucky folks!), getting ready for work, or driving to work!

Does this mean people are already Twittering on their Blackberries and other hand-held devices during their commute to work?

Actually, I suspect that the real reason is none of the above. However, as I mentioned on Monday, it is the wine blogging community that mostly to blame for the overload.

According to top-secret statistics I obtained from the Twitter office myself (a friend of mine is in tight with Steve Jobs who is the current CEO of Google and next in line to take the throne at Microsoft), the real reason for the Twitterjam is none other than Gary Vaynerc

While official Twitpersons would not comment, the documents obtained by my friend indicate that Gary, who currently has 4,897,320 followers as of June 19, also is in some way responsible for an average of 56,900,343 Twits per day.

My friend was also told of the secret way that the public ca
n monitor just how much cyberspace is being used by Gary Vee. Just go to the G-Mail login page ( and look at the statistic I circled in the picture below. That's not really how much storage space is available for the g-mail crowd, that's actually how individual Twit people are online that are in some way connected to Gary Vee's posts at any moment in time.
Just thought I would post a helpful hint, since inquiring bloggers want to know!

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