Friday, June 13, 2008

2005 Alquezar Moristel Somontano

From what I understand, there are just 900 acres in the world planted with the Moristel grape (according to Jon Rimmerman of Garagiste, where I purchased this bottle for $9.99).

This particular bottling comes from the Somontano region of Spain, specifically the town of Alquezar. It's the result of a collaboration between Classical Wines and the local grower's co-op.

In the aromas I sensed earth, minerals, cherry cola, some spice and white pepper, joined also by dried twigs and leaves. The aromas followed through to the palate, which had a smooth, even squeaky leather, somewhat waxy texture in the fore, after which some scratchy tannins emerged. It had a gravelly, cranberry aftertaste.

This is the kind of wine that would pair nicely with a good steak. There's fruit there, but it is not as prominent as the minerally, earthy component. I liked it, and for the money it gets two thumbs up.

I've paired it with a YouTube video that is kind of minerally and earthy with some scratchy tannins also - the band is doing a cover of a Donald Fagen song. Not smooth like the original, but interesting in its own way. Take a look (and if you don't see it below, please click here.)

I have no idea what, if any CD this might be on, but here's a link to the albums by this artist at Amazon: Keisuke Kuwata

A friend of mine thought this band's rendition of this and other Steely Dan songs was too weird for her but I thought there's somethng alluring about it. Sort of like the wine - it's not your typical California red varietal-type wine, but why should it be.. this one has its own character - in a good way. Sort of weird that there are English subtitles for the lyrics even though he's singing in English. I thought maybe it's for the hearing-impaired but then why would you be watching a music video if that's the case? '

Happy Friday to you all and have a wonderful weekend!

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