Wednesday, May 14, 2008

WBW #45 - The Director's Cut Edition

Being in my usual brain-dead state, I had extreme difficulty coming up with a post for today so I thought I would borrow a trick from the studios who market movies on DVD.

At first I thought I would borrow from the TV world and simply tell you that summer is almost here and now it is time for reruns, then proceed to just reprint some blogs of the past. I wouldn’t want you to feel cheated, though, so instead I am going to offer you more for your money (but don’t forget it costs nothing to read this blog).

So for your reading pleasure, today I present the DIRECTOR’S CUT and SPECIAL EDITION of my Wine Blogging Wednesday #45 post, a review of an Old World Riesling.

I have added the additional features to the original article that you will only find in this post: Additional commentary; deleted tasting notes; details of stemware used; extra YouTube videos, and other things to get your attention!

The original article is in black; the special Director’s Cut / Special Edition features are in colored italics.


The theme for this month's Wine Blogging Wednesday was suggested by Tim Elliott Director’s Comment: Hmm.. does his name have one ‘l’ or two? Or one ‘t’ or two? I wouldn’t want to get him upset. Better check out his site again just to be sure. over at Winecast, His pick: Old World Rieslings. Director’s Comment: Oh I am so glad I purchased this from Garagiste so I don’t have to go running all over town looking for something.

I just happened to have one handy and it turned out to be a good one. The 1994 Schloss Schönborn Hochheimer Hölle Riesling Kabinett was a mouthful to say (I wouldn't even attempt it) as well as to drink. Blooper Outake: Opps, I spelled the name wrong 29 times before I finally got it right for the blog, hahaha. And I spelled ‘oops’ wrong in this sentence, also, hahaha. Director’s Comment: Why do they have to make these names so darn long???

This particular bottle came from Garagiste Director’s Comment: Do I put in a link to their site or not? No, first of all it’s like Garagiste is some big secret and secondly, their site is weird anyway and set me back $11.99. That's an outrageous price for something this good. Note: this was purchased in the latter part of 2007 Director’s Comment: I guess I could look up exactly when I bought it but I’m too lazy. Does anyone really care? so we're talking $11.99 at today's prices, not back in the 90's. Director’s Comment: Shipping was about $3 a bottle, though, which I didn’t mention in the original article. This was balanced out by not having to pay the leeches from the State Board of Equalization for sales tax, however.

Stemware note: The wine was drunk from a Riedel “Extreme Sauvignon Blanc” stem. I mean, the wine wasn’t drunk like the wine had swallowed too much alcohol, I mean I drank the wine. You know what I mean. I thought this was best for sampling a Riesling. Blooper Outake: Opps, I spilled a little bit. Oh I spelled ‘oops’ wrong again.

The light medium-gold color gave no indication of a nearly 14-year old wine. It took a lot of swirling to get the aromas to open up and even so, they remained reticent. I detected petrol and rubber/auto repair garage notes, as well as green apple. Director’s Comment: How come I can hardly smell anything? Is my nose going bad? Better blow it. Blooper Outake: Next time use a Kleenex, too. Deleted tasting note: Yes, it’s like walking through my mechanic’s garage.

The palate was much more flavorful: Mainly succulent apples backed by fresh, crisp acidity that led into a long finish of green apples, lemons and limes. It had excellent balance and concentration. Director’s Comment: This wine doesn’t taste anywhere near that old. I wonder if this is really newer wine that they put a 1994 label on? How would anyone know? Maybe Benajmin Wallace can investigate.

No way did this wine seem that old! The only negative was that the aromas never did open up that much but for the price, this was a real bargain. Two thumbs up. Director’s Comment: Can’t I think of something more original than stealing from Siskel and Ebert? Oh well, they probably stole that from someone themselves. I wonder how accurate my notes are? But then what are the chances anyone else reading this blog has this wine? I could write anything about it and who would know? D’oh! I hope Dr. Debs didn’t buy it!

Special Bonus YouTube accompanying music videos for this wine can be found on disc two of this Director’s Cut / Special Edition.

Huh? Where is that??? Blogs have discs???

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