Monday, May 12, 2008

Republic of Budo Kun??

In a surprise move yesterday, California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger unveiled a new state flag for the republic.

“I tell you, I was getting reahlly tired of that beahr,” explained the Governor. “Then I happened across this cute little fellow while reading my usual wine blogs and how he has gotten in so much trouble through no fault of his own. I felt sorry for him and wanted to do something nice to make him feel better.”

Some legislators thought that the Governor’s actions were inappropriate. “He railroaded this through without even taking a vote,” complained Fabian Nunez, Speaker of the House. “And this thing isn’t even an animal, it’s some made-up creature. On top of that, he represents an online wine seller, no less. How can he go on the flag of our honorable state? Is he even here legally?”

“Fabian is just a sissy-man,” retorted Schwarzenegger. “He’d rather have that stupid looking beahr on the flag with that drooling, lascivious look on his face? If he wants a beahr, let’s put Smokey da Beahr on there instead. But for now we have Budo Kun and while I am governor, he will stay put.”

Nunez snapped back, “I would have thought the esteemed governor would want to keep that ‘beahr,’ as he puts it, on the flag since it seems to resemble him especially around younger females.”

For a while it appeared that the Governor would come to blows with his Speaker of the House but the issue was settled amicably when the Governor gave his blessings to Nunez to pursue issuing a drivers license to Budo Kun.

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