Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Cameron Hughes Lot 57 Redux

Today's kind of a slow day in my head so I will follow the way of network television and do a repeat here.

Actually it isn't totally a repeat; it's just a retasting of a wine I was on the fence about back in December because it was one dimensional then but seemed to have potential: The Cameron Hughes Lot 57 2006 Chardonnay.

Back then, I said I'd pull out the other bottle I had in a year to see how it had evolved but I forgot I'd said that, so out it came this weekend (still, that's 5 months). Back then I said oak, butterscotch and caramel. Would this three-trick pony be any better this time around?

Light straw in color, the nose was closed-in. On the palate this wine had gotten much tighter. It still had a dimension of oak, but the fat butterscotch and caramel tastes had run away somewhere. In its place were melon and pear flavors with just a touch of lemon and spice. It seemed a lot younger this time than the first time, but once again, it also seemed like the fruit was imprisoned, just waiting to come out.

I'll never know how this wine develops since it was my last bottle, but I think there's good potential inside that needs a few more months to show itself.

Here's the matching YouTube music video for this wine. The word that came to mind about this wine was "veiled" and it made me think of the song in the video. I think now someone should throw a heavy veil over this woman's voice because it goes haywire in this video (no reflection on the wine.. and I did buy the album way back in 1973 or 1974 when it was first released). If you can't see the video below, please click here.

If you want the studio version that has a tighter rein on the vocals, here's the link to the CD on Amazon: Maria Muldaur


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