Friday, May 16, 2008

2005 Twisted Oak %@#$!

Also known informally as "Potty Mouth White," this wine is a blend of 58% Roussanne and 42% Marsanne.

I have to say that I was making some faces upon my first sip, as in, I don't really like this. A reviewer on Cellar Tracker likened this wine to "stale peanut brittle" and I was thinking that's probably a pretty apt description.

So I let it sit there for a while. As the wine warmed up and got some air, it improved. It improved a lot. The key to drinking this wine, at least to me at this moment in time in the wine's development, is to let it warm to room temperature, as though it were a red wine. Under that condition, here are my impressions:

I thought the aromas were like nuts and caramel, but I was also reminded of pastries from Solvang (for those who are unfamiliar with Solvang, it is a small Danish town just north of Santa Barbara where you can buy some really good Danish pastries), both the fruit topping and the pastry itself.

On the palate it got even more interesting. Rich and even oily at times, there were buttery peaches, popcorn, butterscotch, slate, caramel, smoked meat, and a streak of lemon. And they all got along with each other and weren't talking potty mouth to one another! The wine had a fat, long finish.

If you're looking for a crisp, refreshing wine, look elsewhere. As it says on the Twisted Oak site, this is "almost like a red wine." It's rich, full-bodied, and full of complex flavors. This bottle came from WineQ and cost $23.99, although right now you can grab it direct from Twisted Oak for $18.00. At $23.99 it is worth it, and of course at $18.00 even better, although you can get free shipping from WineQ if you join their club. I thought the url for this wine on WineQ was pretty funny: -- "cuss" as in potty mouth or %@#$!

A big wine like this needs a fitting YouTube music video. If you can't see the video below, please click here for the musical accompaniment for the wine.

Here is the link to the product page for the CD: Led Zeppelin II

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