Tuesday, April 1, 2008

Wine Blogging Community on Red Alert

The wine blogging community has been set atwitter by person or persons unknown who have started up the site known as Wine-ing 2.0.

Since its recent debut on March 25, this blog has the community wondering just who is behind its often caustic and venomous writing.

The most recent post featured an ominous warning:
If you think you've been let off easy, well stay tuned. We will bring down wine blogging as we know it. The internet will bend to our will, wine blogging will OBEY!!!!
This was followed by taunting language referring to tomorrow's WBW event.

No one, not even peons are safe from torment as yours truly, MonkuWino, was threatened today during a Twitter exchange. I had only made an innocent comment that one of the contributors, Flabby Chard (who bears a striking resemblance to Linda Ronstadt) ought to investigate the purchase of the elliptical exercise machine that is advertised on my site, to which I received this response:
Honey, you best be careful where you throw your little zingers, cus I'm evil with payback ;-)
Meanwhile, the wine blogging community has no intention of canceling tomorrow's WBW event, hosted by Gary Vaynerchuk and this time having a theme of French Cabernet Franc-based wines. "We will not be held hostage by terriorists," declared Winehiker, even though he was unable to account for a recent mysterious disappearance of several days, during which he may have in fact been held hostage.

What is next from them? To personally send each of us a message such as, "I'll get you, my pretty, and your little dog, too!" ???

For now, all that the wine blogging community can do is sit and wait for the next blog post in hopes that it may contain a clue as to the identity of the shadowy figures behind Wine-ing 2.0. And while you are in the mood, play the video below (and click here if you can't see it).

Make sure the door's locked.

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