Monday, April 14, 2008

Twitter and the Wannabe Index

Do you participate in Twitter? As you can see from the update box in the lower right corner of this blog, I do. Or try to, anyway.

Lately I’ve found that there is just too much to keep up with.

Winehiker is the one who originally convinced me to sign up. I did, and added a few people from the wine-blogging community on my list to follow. When someone follows you on Twitter, you receive an e-mail notification from the powers that be that a new person is now following you. You can then reciprocate by adding them to the list of people you follow.

The notification contains a link to that person’s Twitter profile page. The profile page often has a link to that person’s website as well. That way if you aren’t familiar with the person you can get some idea as to whether or not to follow them.

Initially since my list of people I was following was fairly small, it was also manageable. But then as I received notifications that various people were following me, I did likewise to them. I found that except for a couple of instances in which it appeared people were adding to their “following” list left and right, or people were trying to promote their business, almost everyone following me was involved in wine blogging or the wine trade in some way.

Lately, however, the number of people following me has steeply increased (relatively speaking, that is.. in absolute terms the numbers aren't that big). Some of them don’t write in English so I can’t understand them. And some seem to come off the wall and I have no idea how they would have happened across my Twitter moniker.

I’m just wondering what the reason is for the increase. Could it be Gary Vee’s call for online socializing? And I am also wondering if you decide to discontinue following someone if they get notified that so-and-so has dumped you? I don’t want to be rude but I’ve found that I have clicked “follow” too many times and now there’s too many twitters to keep track of!

Hmm.. Twitter reminds me of those episodes of Seinfeld in which they sit around discussing ways to break off a relationship. Now what if on Twitter when you decide to stop following someone you have to give a reason for doing so? Haha, can you imagine that? "Uh, my keyboard broke so uh, I have to uh, discontinue our Twit relationship.." Or, "You're not the same Twitterer that you were when we first started out.."

Another thing I find interesting is to look at a person's Twitter profile and compare the number of people he or she is following, versus the number that are following that person. For most, the two numbers are roughly equal but I have run across a few in which the number of persons being followed is way more than the number of followers. My proposal is to divide the number of followers by the number a person is following to compute the "Wannabe Index" (sorry, this is NOT directed towards Wannabe Wino who is a super-nice person!) because it seems to me that if your Wannabe Index comes out to something like a 5.0 or more (meaning you follow 5x as many people as follow you) then that's a bit out of proportion, don't you think?

For example, there is one person following me who as of this morning was following 21,643 people and had 2,220 following them. How can you keep up with that many Twitters? And that's a pretty high Wannabe Index, wouldn't you say?

And having a very low Wannabe Index indicates you are either very popular or else you really don't care what anyone has to say. Gary Vee has a low Wannabe Index: as of this morning he was following 1,334 people but 6,067 were following him. But we all know he is very popular.

So, what do we do? Post an announcement saying that effective immediately, I will only follow those whose Wannabe Index is 1.0 or less? And will our Wannabe Index be something we can now put on our resumes? Or replace those American Wine Blogging Award badges with a daily-updated badge of our Twitter Wannabe Index?

Please excuse this flippant post.. hey, it's Monday! But then what's my excuse for the rest of the week?

Anyway, I find Twitter to be a good way to keep up with the wine blogging community but with all the information flying at me, it gets to be overwhelming at times!

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Sonadora said...

Glad you weren't talking about me ;) I find that I get random people just adding me frequently, especially on days when I Tweet a lot. I try only to follow wine and food people, so I discriminate when I get the little notifications and only click follow when it is relevant!