Monday, April 21, 2008

Furor Over Obama's "Elitist" Comments Continues

(above: Gort! Klaatu barada nikto! )

Barack Obama’s recent comment regarding “bitter” small-town Americans who had been hit by job losses still haunts him, surveys show.

“They cling to guns or religion or Two-Buck Chuck or antipathy to people who don’t know which Riedel goes with what wine, or anti-imported wine sentiment, as a way to explain their frustrations,” is what the Democratic presidential candidate had declared at a recent San Francisco fund raiser, and what has gotten him mired in controversy.

Hillary Clinton called Obama’s comments “elitist, out of touch, and, frankly, patronizing.” She also added, “I grew up in a beer-drinking family” whose father “taught me how to drink when I was a little girl.”

Obama poo-pooed Hillary’s attack and mocked her attempt to portray herself as a brew-slugging member of the working class. “She’s talking like the Budweiser Frog… with a six-pack,” Obama told a laughing crowd of Trader Joe’s employees.

Husband Bill Clinton joined the fray with his own remarks. “Hillary and I drank plenty of cheap wine while we were in the White House,” he told the crowds. “We didn’t know which wine glass to use all the time either but did that mean we were bitter? Heck, a lot of times we just chugged it from the bottle and tossed it on the rug.”

Republican presidential candidate John McCain wasted no time adding his two cents. “Obama obviously is an ignorant fellow as well as elitist,” remarked McCain. There’s sediment in wine whether it is imported or not so his statement about people having an ‘anti-imported wine sediment’ just doesn’t make any sense.”

Meanwhile reporters have been pressing Screaming Eagle winery to release the names of people on their mailing list to discover what elite politicians were on that list, but so far the winery has refused to do so.

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