Wednesday, April 16, 2008

Chow Board Spins Off Wine Section

Many of you out there are familiar with Chowhound, the place to go when discussing anything having to do with the dining out (and also dining in) experience.

Due to the immense popularity of their wine board section, most likely because of the incredibly high level of expertise among the wine hounds who make themselves available as ultimate resources, Chowhound has decided to spin off this board to its own site,

"It's like The Jeffersons and Maude coming into their own after leaving All In the Family," said Robert Taragello, one of the moderators who regularly patrols the board looking for troublemakers. "We expect great things from Winebowser which is why we made it a separate website. As long the posters who contribute to the site obey us unconditionally, they will have fun."

When asked if famous denizens of the wine world such as Robert Parker Jr. and Gary Vaynerchuk would be participating on the new Winebowser board, Taragello replied, "Oh heavens no. The experts who already prowl the board have way more experience than Parker and Vaynerchuk combined and they let you know that in no uncertain terms."

I asked Taragello whether or not a certain income level was required for participation on the new board. "Yes, it must be pretty high," was the answer. "Right now everyone is on the honor system and I hope we don't have to start checking on people."

So there you have it, folks. Below is a screen print of part of the activity from yesterday (click to enlarge):

Note: of course the above is not for real. Knowing how humorless the people are who moderate a certain food board that shall remain nameless in this footnote but not elsewhere in this post, that is why this disclaimer has been included. Har har. And don't bother trying to register "" because it's no longer available! Muhaha...


Anonymous said...

I like Prosecco with my beer. Battle of the bubbles.

Anonymous said...

re: chow board. so humorless that you don't dare compete with maria. only maria and bill are allowed to talk about wine knowledge. the rest of us are insignificant plebes. it isn't the facts until maria says it is.