Friday, April 11, 2008

2004 Ceja Vino de Casa - Napa Valley

The wine for this week is from Ceja Vineyards. Their Vino de Casa rojo is a blend of Pinot Noir and Syrah. I purchased this one from WineQ for $19.99.

Before saying anything else, let me warn you that the Ceja website has some very loud music and it takes a while to find the button to turn off the sound. So it might not be a good idea to view the site while you're at work, haha (well now why didn't that durn fool Monkuwino say so before putting up the link???).

The Pinot Noir character is much more prominent in this wine than is the Syrah. Aromas of spice, berries, earth and rose petals lead into a taste of smooth, silky strawberries and red berries. There was also a note of concrete in there, too. The weight and texture of the wine to me said Pinot Noir.

As it sat in the glass the wine really rounded out, becoming smoother and silkier.

I liked it - it gets two thumbs up from me! Below is the YouTube video I matched with the wine. If you can't see it, please click here. (note: this is a very well known song; I found what I think is a better version, which is actually the original version, and replaced what I had first inserted. I think it fits the wine even better, so please click the PLAY button and give a listen!)

See the CD at Jorge Ben Jor


Ariel said...

Thank you for the post! Definitely dig the music video you chose to accompany our yummy vino de casa. Please also know that you have an open invitation to visit our quaint tasting salon as we'd love to host you!

MonkuWino said...

Thank you, Ariel! One of these days I hope to get up your way and take you up on the offer. I found what I think is an even better version of the song that fits your wine better - it's also the original version even though most people think Sergio Mendes did the original. I put the original version up instead - it really fits the wine - very smooth and classy!