Friday, April 4, 2008

2003 Viñas del Cenit Tempranillo Cenit

Several of the posts this week dealt with poking fun at poor little Budo Kun from Domaine547 so as a way of sort of keeping with this theme, the wine for review this week also comes from Domaine547.

This particular bottle set me back $19.99 but was shipped free, a perk of living within the local delivery area.

The aromas were not that forthcoming, and I did a lot of swirling. What emerged was very nice and quite complex, however: earth, dusty cherries, smoked meat, pepper, spice and floral all mixed together in an attractive way.

The initial palate impression was licorice-like but after a few seconds a lot of clean berry fruit emerged, along with a mineral component. The aftertaste lingered.

This wine had great balance and required a lot of savoring to fully appreciate all of its flavors. It's not an in-your-face kind of wine but to personify it, instead it has to warm up and get used to you in order to show its character.

Definitely two thumbs up! Unfortunately I don't think there is any of this left. Jill at Domaine547 was able to get a good buy on this when the 2004 vintage scored a couple of points higher, thus causing all the point-chasers to abandon the 2003 vintage and go running off in search of higher scores (and exponentially higher prices). Good for me and the rest of us who got in on this bargain! Let the point chasers keep running off for the latest and greatest. This 2003 was a very good bottle.

As usual, here's the accompanying YouTube music video and also as usual, if you can't see the video screen below then click here.

Link to the Amazon product page for the CD: Pat Metheny.


Matt Uva said...

Good Luck finding any more of the '03. The '04s are around, but drinking a little green right now.
Good call on this wine!

Sonadora said...

Oh I loved this one from Jill too! I was so disappointed when I asked her to send me more and she was sold out! Oh well, I hope the friend I sent some to enjoyed her bottle!

MonkuWino said...

This was indeed a very nice bottle of wine. Sorry to see it go, but there are so many others out there waiting to be uncorked!