Wednesday, March 5, 2008

Wine Blogging Wednesday #43

It’s time for another Wine Blogging Wednesday – Number 43, to be exact, and the second one in which I am participating. Sort of.

The theme for WBW #43 was chosen by Joel over at Wine Life Today. In a nutshell, here it is:

Comfort Wines - choose a wine, any wine, that you love to unwind to and tell us about not only the wine but what makes the experience special and relaxing for you!

I suggest you mosey on over to his website to read the full blog post and also check out his picture – it’s perfect! Also congrats to him, he’s a new daddy!

I say I am “sort of” participating today because I don’t really have a particular wine to write about. Drinking one wine per week, I have a probably uncommon policy among wine bloggers and collectors of never purchasing more than one bottle of any particular wine. One wine per week, one wine, one time, that’s it.

The reason? If I only drink one per week, there are just far too many good wines out there for me to drink the same one twice or more. And that’s why I have no particular wine to write about.

I’m very happy with the wines I’ve assembled in my collection and eagerly look forward to choosing the one for the week based on, well, just whatever whim I happen to have. But I like the idea that no matter what I choose, I feel good about it and it is going to be special.

The usual routine is to pour out a glass, have a bit with dinner and drink the remainder afterwards not only to see how it develops, but to relax and enjoy the evening.

My wife doesn’t drink so we don’t share the wine (one of the reasons why a bottle of wine lasts so long around here) but it is nice to come home from work and have dinner together and unwind. The feeling of the working day being behind us, knowing we’re here together, and now having free time is just so nice!

After dinner I’ll do whatever as I finish up the glass but let me say that I savor the time and the wine!

Physically I am usually inside our house but mentally.. well, here I am (note - if you can't see the video screen below, click here):

I know there's several versions of that song but I just love how joyous Carole King is. She is one awesome, classy lady and I absolutely admire her.

Here's an alternate version that is also quite expressive, and translates most excellently to the joys of a good glass of wine at the end of the day (again, if you don't see the video below, click here):

So my apologies to our host Joel for this WBW, and to WBW in general for sort of twisting this around but I wanted to focus more on the experience. I thought the videos did a good job of capturing the feeling!

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