Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Wednesday Writer's Block Again

It's the middle of the week and my brain is parched so here's some odds and ends for you:

My latest poll finally ended and there were 24 responses, including my own. The question was how much supply of wine do you currently have on hand, based on your current consumption rate. The results:

less than 1 mo: 3
1-3 mos: 5
3-6 mos: 4
6-12 mos: 4
1-3 yrs: 3
3-5 yrs: 3
5-10 yrs: 1
They’re in my will: 1

As you can see, the answers were fairly evenly distributed. For those who have an extended number of years worth of wine on hand, you’d better get moving!


At Costco this weekend I noticed a rep from Cameron Hughes was on hand manning a display table of the Lot 43 Zinfandel and Lot 44 Cabernet bottlings. I spoke with him briefly and told him I enjoyed the Lot 43 and had a bottle of the 44 sitting in my collection.

I was thinking, though, without giving out samples could you really sell that much wine? Maybe more than you would with no display, but I was wishing he had brought some a quantity of the other lots with him that either this particular Costco didn’t carry (the Azusa/Irwindale location) or ones that are available online only. Sort of like a special for those who happened to stop at the display.

Right across from him was a woman enthusiastically giving out samples of Aidell’s sausages and other products. Umm yumm.. I bought a couple of things from her. I wonder if it is legal to offer wine samples at a store like Costco?


Tonight is the Twisted Oak winemaker dinner at Ciudad, put together by Jill at Domaine 547. It's not too late to take part! You can get more details here. This is your chance to meet El Jefe and Pimp Daddy, as well as Jill in person. I had the pleasure of dinner with them at Yujean Kang's last night and it was a great time. The Twisted Oak duo brought a bottle of the 2005 *%#&@! (aka Potty Mouth Red blend) that was most excellent (I kept swirling the glass because the aromas were fantastic), and we shared a bottle of the 2006 Navarro Gewurtztraminer which was also very good. No detailed tasting notes but both wines deserve a no-brainer thumbs-up. Oh, and the food was great, too. But what was best was getting to meet these three - that was the best part of the evening!

Anyway, I'm sure tonight's dinner will be a wow event so take advantage of this opportunity.

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