Monday, March 24, 2008

I'll Be on Ruben's Backside!

Hmm.. the title of this post didn’t quite come out right, did it? Let me put it another way. I was very happy to learn over the weekend that I had submitted the winning entry in the Twisted Oak Label contest!

Enough said, you can click here to go straight to El Bloggo Torcido for the details, as well as the words themselves that will appear on the back label of the 2007 Ruben’s Blend.

I was originally going to post some thoughts about the 2008 American Wine Blog Awards, whose finalists have just been announced. Click on the preceding link and go cast your vote!

I guess I’ll post my thoughts anyway.

First of all, it’s a good excuse to delay posting chapter five of my ongoing blogella, The Case, since it hasn’t been written yet.

Secondly, I wasn’t nominated, sniff sniff, but that’s okay because I still have the seal of approval of Budo-Kun, the Domaine547 mascot so who needs anything else? You can see the official seal on the right side of this page – just take a look; you can’t miss it.

Thirdly, I figured I would never get an American Wine Blog Award or even a nomination since no one, including me, could figure out what category OneWinePerWeek would fit into. Maybe if they added a Strangest Wine Blog category, but I doubt that. Meanwhile I just continue happily writing about whatever flies into my mind, oblivious to whether or not it is relevant to anything whatsoever. I do try to keep it faintly winocentric, however. Faintly.

Fourthly, I do hope that the lure of becoming an Award recipient, or any accolade for that matter, will not influence any of the members in the wine blogging community to change their style, like the way some wineries have changed their winemaking styles to pursue points and gain the favor of certain wine critics. Blogging should be a labor of love and that wine bloggers love what they do is so obvious! To thine own self be true!

Fifthy, I read a few comments questioning the relevancy of allowing anyone to vote, as opposed to limiting it somehow to the wine blogging community or other such group more familiar with the topics. The comparison was made between the People’s Choice Awards, which often are based more on popularity than artistic merit, and the Academy Awards, which are voted on only by members in the industry and are seen more as a measure of quality over quantity.

That argument does have some merit to it. Let’s hypothetically have an awared for America’s Best Wine. Do it People’s Choice style and you end up giving the award to Kendall Jackson Chardonnay. That’s a good argument for having the industry vote.

Sixthly, I don’t care if I ever get any awards or nominations. I’m just ecstatic at winning a case of the 2007 Ruben’s Blend! The inaugural vintage, no less (well, at least inaugural in the sense of the name). Now that’s totally %@#$!

Now all that said, there are excellent nominees deserving of a vote so if you haven’t done so, head on over and cast your vote to the web!

(above picture: my apologies to poor Ruben.. I searched for a suitable picture but could only come up with something I did for Twisted Oak's other contest, the Take Your Rubber Chicken to Work Week event in which poor Ruben came to work with me and got stuck in the freezer so I tried to defrost him in the microwave. Unfortunately he came out a little extra-crispy.)

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Anonymous said...

I loved your entry, Rickie - Two Buck Cluck had me laughing out loud. Well deserved, bravo!