Monday, March 17, 2008

The Case - Chapter Three

Below is chapter three of James' strange ongoing adventure. Below is also the YouTube video soundtrack for this chapter; please click and then read. If you can't see the video, click here.

James had drunk his share of wines; nothing terribly expensive but there were plenty of good ones in his past. Well, there was that one. Briefly the memory flickered but was quickly replaced by his focus on the one in his mouth, one that rose above them all. He was at a loss to describe exactly all that he was tasting and he didn’t even try. He just sat back and enjoyed what was in the glass, glad that eleven more bottles remained.

As he swirled the glass appreciating the intense aromas and took small sips, James became very sleepy. He was by himself, no need to try to stay awake. He let himself doze off. And a dream came very quickly. A dream with very intense feelings.

This is what he experienced in this dream:

This is finally it; I can’t believe I have come this far and the answer is within reach. All I have to do is look. I am so nervous; it’s like Christmas as a kid. There is a ton of anticipation and when it is over, there is an equal amount of letdown. What you’ve looked forward to all year has come and gone and the countdown renews. This time, however, it is the end- there is nothing to come. It is the ultimate answer and all I have to do is look. I think of how long it took to get to this point, of all the times past in which I wondered if the answer would ever be revealed. And now here I am.

I open my eyes to view the edge of the universe. It is an infinite pool full of wondrous sea life, abundant in variety and quantity. Above the blue is a brilliant blue sky- a sky saturated with blue. But unlike our earth, there is nothing beyond the blue. That is the edge, the boundary. On this boundary runs the pool of sea life. The boundary is truly a boundary – I don’t know how to better describe nothingness except to say that beyond the edge it is blank; void – there is utter nothingness and while it is something I have never experienced, my brain immediately comprehends this state, as if this knowledge lay buried within me waiting to be summoned. I also know it is useless exploring the void any further because to do so would be pointless – it is absolute nothingness. Am I disappointed? On the contrary, I now know what the absence of everything is like, not in an academic sense but from a physical sense.

I surface from the pool and cannot explain how I happen to be standing between the sea and the sky, but I just am. As far as I can see is the blue sky. I look down at the sea and it is totally different from this perspective. Now that I’m above instead of within, the multitude of sea life has disappeared, replaced by brilliant silver fish, six-to-eight inches long, an unending, undulating mass that begins from infinity on my right side and continues to infinity on my left. While I stare at this awesome sight, I spy an anomaly; a single fish of similar appearance, but this one swimming from left to right. Somehow it manages to weave its way past me without colliding with the other fish and I watch as it glides out of sight.

Countless fish. Not millions- billions, maybe more- and one lone fish swimming against the tide. While I shake my head in wonderment, another appears and makes it way past me. I stand there for some time and discover more such fish. They’re few and far between but they are there.
Suddenly it is perfectly clear and I don’t even pause to consider what I’m doing. I immerse myself in the sea and begin swimming in the same direction as the few and far between fish. Strangely, from this perspective I can no longer see the huge school of fish that I saw from above, but I know they are there, I know I am swimming in the opposite direction, and I know that is what I’m supposed to do.

Then James awakened. The phone was ringing.

To be continued..

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